Monday, March 26, 2012

#McCann : Children Of The Tapas 9 Will Discover It Was Not The Crime BUT The Cover-Up That Made Them Curious.

The Murdoch Empire slowly but surely crumbling and with it the rot of the British Empire exposed to the core , years and years of corruption layer by layer  being revealed , scams , cover-ups and the murder of Daniel Morgan who was on the brink of exposing Scotland Yard for corruption at the very heart of this stench. 

In many ways the McCanns are repeating the Murdoch's mistakes, they are spending their lives through the media spinning a web of deceit , using the publics money to gag those who are not afraid to stand up and be counted. BUT in a few years time just like the Murdoch's are experiencing now, the tide will turn, the tapas children will  be adults and it is they who will gather together and discuss their parents, it is they who will read the police files , it is they who will question why their parents refused to return for a reconstruction to help the police, it is they who will learn that one of their parents is alleged to be a paedophile and that that information was held back from the investigation while three year old Maddie was missing. Then and only then will the cover-up , not the crime expose the McCanns and their 'friends' for the kind of people they really are and it will be their very own children who will turn away in disgust , their response will finally bring some form of justice to their little friend and sibling Madeleine.

To discover there was no need for a fund or campaign , the price of one postage stamp would have re-opened the case, a case that was left to close by Maddie's parents, the devastation to Madeleine's siblings will be beyond repair.

It is not bloggers the McCanns fear when the twins read the internet , their fear is much greater , what greater fear is there than your own child discovering the kind of parent you really are and the years of lies you have fed them ? The twins will then realize for themselves (it will be nothing to do with what has been written ) the greatest shock and horror of all that for all of those years Madeleine was dead.